Barbecue Season 2020: Cancer Alert! THESE poisonous errors when grilling makes (almost) everyone.

The barbecue season has begun and many of the Germans to indulge in your favorite Hobby: grilling. But what hardly anyone knows, almost everyone is health-threatening error. What you should look for when grilling prefer to do without, read here.

The temperatures rise, it attracts the Germans to fresh air. Then, fires in gardens or Parks in the Grill and Steaks,sausages and vegetables sizzle in front of him. However, what many do not know is that You can make when grilling a serious error .

Barbecue season 2020: pay Attention to pollution-free charcoal and lighter fluid.

For a hearty Barbecue it, you will need a grill, of course, charcoal. During the selection, you can ensure a pollutant free alternative to select. After all, this can end up not only in the air, but also in our food. The DIN certification mark are guaranteed free from harmful substances.

The safe way to go with electric or gas grills.

The same is true for grill lighter Instead of synthetic igniter, you should rely on solid kindling from waste wood with Oil and wax. Here, too, it is worth to pay attention to the FSC-seal. The food should then be burned on the grate, when the igniter completely .

Cancer-causing! You can fat never drip into the coals.

When fat drips into the coals, cancer-causing substances. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHS) can enter the Smoke, then on our food. You should use, therefore, is not necessarily a barbecue tongs.

You should also drain the Marinade from the meat. The same occurs when you ablöscht food with beer. It tastes good, but the use of carcinogenic substances 19 Mind-Blowing Fakten Über Das Internet – Leben Hack will have no one in the food .

When grilling, you should refrain from in addition to cold-pressed Oil. Refined Oils are heat stable. Otherwise also cancer-causing substances can occur.

Alternatives to the aluminum foil when grilling.

Some barbecue fans use aluminum foil or trays, so that fat drips into the coals. However, the disposable solution not only creates huge mountains of garbage, but health is also not safe. Alternatives thin stone slabs or large plant leaves as protection from pouring fat.

Also, you should leave meat, sausages and co. never too long on the Grill. Here, heterocyclic aromatic amines (HAA) are likely to arise. This should not only be carcinogenic, but can also alter the genetic make-up.

You can just burn anything.

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